Foreign Languages Department

September 21 - English Proficiency Exam For International Students Eligibility List

Dear Students,

Please find the eligibility list for the Foreign Languages Department English Preparatory Division’s Writing Exam for international students below. The writing exam will be held at 14:30 pm in T-701. Eligible students should be in the classroom and ready to take the exam 10 minutes before the exam. Please do not forget to bring the necessary materials such as a pencil, eraser, etc. You must present an identity card (Student Card, National Identity Card, Passport, Driver's License, etc.) at the beginning of the exam.

Students who have taken the Placement Test today and do not see their names on the writing exam eligibility list will be entered into the Preparatory School and should wait for the class lists announcement later for their Preparatory School Classes. They cannot retake the exam.

Do you have questions? Please see the International Students FAQ:…